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Welcome to the Midlands Transvestite scene and if you are looking for easy access to thousands of West Midlands trannys then trust me you needn't look any further than right here - welcome both West Midlands Transvestites and their many admirers

With the Midlands covering one of the biggest of the regions within the UK we thought it was about time we added a dedicated website just for our Midlands members to use, although if you are looking for somewhere else within the UK then don't worry we have contacts in ALL regions, counties, cities and towns across the UK

To help you find local Midlands trannies we've placed direct links to local counties below along with some feature towns & cities that have higher than average member counts, after all you can't have a tranny contacts website based around the Midlands without featuring the Birmingham scene!

Gain Direct access to local personals without having to join - YES FREE access to see local contacts

That's right we give non members free access to our database of members and whats even better you don't have to join, give us your emails address or sign up to some spammy free news email. The reason we do this is simple, we know thats the transvestites personals scene is pretty swamped with adult contacts sites all claiming to offer thousands of contacts.

The problem is to access those member you have to join first and then thats when they have you by the short & curlies as they have your contacts details, but not here ;o) as we offer totally free access to local members using either direct access into the member counties or access to a feature page on this county.

So want to see whats on offer? Then use the links below and start meeting with local West Midlands Tgirls...

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One thing the eagle eyed will notice is that some of the photos on this page, and in fact ALL the pages, have been edited by the members and the simple reason is to protect their identities outside of the members section, but don't worry as once you become a member you'll have full access to all member media which can include videos as well as full on pics ;o)

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